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  • TW - Totally Wicked
  • TECC - The Electronic Cigarette Company
  • (x)mg - nicotine concentration of the fluid

TW Black Label Tobacco, Blended Tobacco and Virginia - 18mg

I could barely tell I was vapourising anything at all with these. Dull tobacco-ish scent, best avoided. I will not be buying any more.

TW Black Label French Pipe - 18mg

A nice, fragrant flavour - light but noticeable, and not too sweet. Actually does taste rather like pipe tobacco. The best of the TW Black Label liquids that I tried, in that it didn’t send me to sleep through boredom.

Dekang Humpback (Camel) - 24mg

A vaguely sweet tobacco-ish thing, not very strongly flavoured. I have heard some people say that this is a liquid they could use indefinitely. I am not one of them. (I never liked Camels anyway, but this doesn’t taste much like Camels at all to me.) Not terrible though.

TECC Titan RY4 - 18mg

Apparently RY4 is a very famous flavour, and there are various versions of it. This one certainly has a very strong taste, of caramel and butterscotch with a few hints of coffee and vanilla. It is intensely sweet, though - despite a pleasantly robust hit, too sweet for me. I suspect that it would go well with actual espresso or black coffee.

TECC Titan Menthol - 18mg

This is like smoking a Fox’s Glacier Mint.

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