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I have been playing this quite a lot on the iPad recently, and enjoying it - it looks lovely, it has a well-balanced difficulty level (with "normal" meaning "something of a challenge") and the gameplay not too repetitive due to changes in terrain and who you encounter. I sometimes swear at it due to failures in selecting characters vs selecting targets or places to move to, but those are not huge problems and just need UI tweaks to solve. I will be following this dev team to see what else they produce. I particularly like the tactical necessity to have a psychoanalyst on hand, who can carry out some battlefield therapy to stop your characters going insane.

You should be aware, though, that it's not an RPG. There are persistent characters in it, and you get to develop the skills of your team and equip them and so on, but mostly it seems to be a series of skirmish wargame battles tied together by a blasphemous plot that man was not meant to know. I'm quite fond of this format, but if you were imagining something more like the early CoC text adventures, this is not it.

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