Feb. 4th, 2012


Feb. 4th, 2012 04:59 pm
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I was thinking of trying out some redscale film - this is where you basically just load film backwards into a cartridge and expose it a stop or two more. (Or, you could pay over the odds for Lomography to do it for you.) I have some cheap colour film for a pound a roll from Poundland, which I am prepared to risk.

What did concern me was that Snappy Snaps might not be confused by this - you have to tape the ends of the film together, which could gum up a machine - but talking to somebody at my local one, he sounded quite interested in the idea, and said it shouldn't be a problem as they could just take it out in the darkroom and load it into a cassette. I suspect they must get quite bored in photo labs these days, what with the shops seeming to be mostly self-service printing booths. I also won't be horribly upset if they mess it up.
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It really is snowing out there, not just the usual dismal London sprinkle of pre-dirtied grey slush. That means snow photographs! I don’t think I’ve ever actually taken photographs properly in the snow. Also, using black and white all the time will mean missing very little.

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